2015 LAAOR® Committees and Chairs:

Executive Committee
Officers of the Board of Directors.
Committee Chair: David Horpedahl

Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Tammy Lu Olinger

Bylaw Committee
Committee Chair: Mary Anne Beard

Professional Standards
Los Alamos Association of REALTORS participates in a Regional Professional Standards and Grievance Committees. These Mulit-Boards share the responsibility for enforcement of the Code of Ethics including the conduct of arbitration hearings, on a joint bases.
LAAORS Representatives:
Francine J. Mendoza, Mary Anne Beard and Tammy Lu Olinger. Cindy Hollabaugh, and Pearl White.  Jeanette Metzger-Thorp serves on Grievance.

Budget Committee                                                                                                              

Committee Chair:  Tammy Lu Olinger

MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

Participate in MLS meeting and relay updates about the MLS system to local members.
Committee Chair: Tammy Lu Olinger

Public Relations/Web Site Committee

Education Committee
Provides membership with continuing education classes. Also, provides information on education resources and opportunites that are available to our members.

Social Committee                                                                                                                     Committee Chairs:  

Affiliates Committee
Recruit local business to support LAAOR and have their support for meetings and information.
Committee Chair:

Governtmental Affairs Committee

Committee Members:

Nominating Committee 
To be appointed in August 2015